Fighting their sleep - any tips?

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Re: Fighting their sleep - any tips?

Postby end337 » Mon Aug 21, 2017 7:26 am

Hello all,

First post, so here goes: I've got a 3 week old BT also called Eva :-)

Even at this age, often enough she's yawning like crazy but insists on staying awake. I'm still trying and testing, and the advice above is already looking helpful, so thanks all. I reckon mine has reflux too, as she's gulping even when not eating and her 'voice' is a little hoarse, so we've put a low pillow under her nest to raise her upper body ever so slightly, which we think might have helped. We're in Norway, though, so they won't prescribe anything for reflux or even gas until she's over 3 months, unless she 'fails' a check-up in that respect.

For over-stimulation now that she's becoming more and more alert, what we're trying even this early is to close the curtains, dim the lights, not pick her up/put her down unless necessary and generally keep stimuli out of her way in the run-up to when we want her to sleep, say an hour or so beforehand.

The biggest problem I'm facing is that she'll fall spark out in my arm, but putting her down wakes her up, usually triggers her (very strong) startle reflex, then we have to start again from scratch...

Last thing - I'm really impressed by the high standard of spelling and grammar by a group of people so sleep-deprived!
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Re: Fighting their sleep - any tips?

Postby Ethan23 » Mon Feb 05, 2018 1:52 pm

Here're the great podcasts. Kids love them and it specified on sleep fighting
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