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New Recruit

Postby Recruit_Kev » Wed Apr 26, 2017 4:55 pm

Hello all,

I am a new recruit to all this but armed with my CD and the 5 P's, I am sure that I will get over the shell shocked look.

So let me introduce myself, my name is Kev and from the North West. Been with the missus 8 years, never really thought about kids. Always been the type to be able to hand them back at the end of the day. You could say handing the kit back at the end of an exercise, you know your tired, need a break you clean and hand your kit in and then you go sleep. Well thats was my train of thought.

Like so many things, I never really believed in this "being in tune with your partner" but this past few has proved to me that actually I am. All started one morning when we got up, I was in the kitchen and I shouted through to her that I thought she may need to take a trip to boots. I got the what makes you thik that thrown back. After explaining what changes I had seen it got her thinking. Well off she toddled to boots. I'll skip the middle bit but out from the toilet she emerged with what I now term as the flashbang (As the screen stopped flashing - Bang the words on the screen said what I knew).

Tears preceeded smiles then realisation hit, I was going to be a dad. Well the news couldnt have been any better. The initial shock felt like the day I was told I was on my SMC, followed by how I felt once I passed which was elated and proud.

Anyway, I was sat there and thought what do I do now as there is no training manuals to being a dad. All the books I hear about are for mums. ( I work in a hospital). So went onto Amazon and looked for dad books. So many to choose from but for me they were too tree huggy or lets sit around a camp fire singing scout songs.

After a little more searching I fell upon Commando Dad series, started to read the write up and few free pages amazon lets you read and it was like being told exercise had finished early. Here is a book I could understand, broken down to phrases and acroynms that I knew but slightly changed. So ordered and delivered the next day. I never put it down, it was read obsorbed and understood. As for the newly titled CO, which she has taken too all the acroynms have been adopted and she is delighted with them.

Im now naming things too, which she finds amusing like Battle Bus - Car, JRC (Junior Ranks Club) - Breast.

So here I am looking forward to watching the drone gather intel soon (First Scan). So thats where we are upto.

So my final words are of thanks to Neil Sinclair for sharing his JSP on helping me become a dad(to be).
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Re: New Recruit

Postby Macros » Mon May 08, 2017 6:55 am

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