Mood oscillations!

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Mood oscillations!

Postby Fecky1950 » Thu Mar 09, 2017 5:24 am

My DD is almost 10 months old. She has become very naughty and handling her is quite difficult. She started taking her first steps and watching her little steps is adorable. But the problem is she started walking all by herself and topples down very frequently. When I try to make her sit somewhere she becomes violent. She throws her dolls at me. Yesterday after a big war, I let her go. Then she fell down and fractured her baby tooth. I immediately took her to an emergency clinic and they suggested extracting the fractured tooth. Now her smile looks very weird without her front tooth. Is there any temporary method to replace her missing tooth until the new teeth pop out? We have currently moved to Toronto and I am not sure about the dental clinics nearby. Is dental implant procedure recommended in her case? Now she has become very gloomy and silent. Can such mood oscillations occur at this age?
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